I Got This (4″x4″)


Mixed media on birch panel

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Some days adulting is hard. Who says you can’t still be wearing PJs at lunchtime, maybe none of those items on my to do list were really all that important. I didn’t take part in that yoga session and I don’t have a counter covered in perfect sourdough loaves. I still haven’t finished that book I really ought to read. Maybe I did fall down a bit of a YouTube wormhole, and maybe there were more kittens than Ted talks. I did not self-improve, stretch, run or learn anything today.

I did however sit in my garden with a particularly fine cup of coffee. I did take a huge deep breath and count myself lucky that I’m alive and healthy. I did take a good look at the huge and happy tree that I planted when I moved here. I bathed in its green light and remembered what is really important in the grand scheme of things.

The laundry can wait until tomorrow. I got this.

The tree I used for the phototransfer of the trunk lives in Connecticut.

This 4″ x 4″ is an ideal size to hang on the wall, either on its own or in a grouping with some of your other favourite art works. Alternatively, it can sit on a shelf or mantlepiece.


I Got This

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