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Viridescent (10″x48″)

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Mixed media on canvas

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Why is this one called Viridescent? It’s a tale of gifts and tinfoil.

Every year we give each other a gift to do with the theme, like paper or cotton. Often it’s a dollar store gift, it doesn’t have to be big, it just has to fit the theme, in fact the sillier the better.

After your 15th anniversary there are only official themes for every 5th anniversary, so we had to start making them up ourselves. Stick a pin in a dictionary, use a random word generator, it doesn’t matter but whatever comes up is our anniversary theme for the year. Circle was a good one. So was tinfoil. Yes, we celebrated our tinfoil anniversary!

One year it was viridescent. I had to look it up, it’s just a fancy word for green. The cheap Canadian rye that came in a green plastic bottle was surprisingly decent.

The trees I used for the phototransfers of the trunks live in High Park.



Vaults, Viridescent

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