These paintings are inspired by the abstract patterns on bodies of water. The vivid colours come from the surroundings reflected on the water’s surface. They all come from happy memories: lavender reflected on the river in Provence where we set up our tent; stormy November skies peeking out through flame red maples while out hiking; a morning sunrise reflected on a silt-laden Ganges just after monsoon season.

Older paintings are available at my studio at their last exhibition price. I don’t believe in dropping the price of my work, instead I offer these older works at this older retro price. If I were to exhibit them again it would be at current prices.

The value of my work has increased since these paintings had their last outing, while they’re still hiding out at my studio they are effectively at a 20% discount. 

Spring Waters Series

Lavender Series

Light Through Trees Series

Grenadier Series

Seine Spring Series

Colorado Series

Light Through Maples Series

Other Reflections

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