Bold Type

My new series “Bold Type” celebrates the art of typography. In our social media lives we continuously take in streams of fonts and characters. How often do we pause to take in the shape and form of these marks which convey so much information.

Which way are YOU looking?

Equinox is a balancing point between summer and winter. Do we constantly look back to the ease of summer, finding it hard to tear ourselves away from the warmth? Or do we embrace the change and what may come?

So far away, but always with you

Last year I made my first journey to Scotland since I moved here in 2004. It was amazing to see my brother and sister in person and to revisit my hometowns. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed being away.

Always get off the bus

Pretty much every different collection I’ve worked on during the years has featured a cherry tree series. Here’s why.

Studio Tour

A quick visit to Studio 102, the amazing space I share with Rob Croxford and Jessica Lin.

Where are all the tents?

Normally I would have spent the last few weeks obsessively checking the weather. Is it going to rain? Is it going to be too hot? Or, the worst, is it going to be terrifyingly windy?

Remembering to Breathe

I have been infinitely grateful for many things this year: having the luxury of sheltering at home, a safe home environment, access to food and clean water.

Process: phototransfers

I’m often asked about why I use transfers and not just paint the birches. It would certainly be easier to just paint them. If you’ve ever tried using photo transfers you’ll know how messy and difficult they are and just how much work.

Our 1st Anniversary

A year ago Rob Croxford, Jessica Lin and I set up studio together. It’s the perfect space, with the perfect studiomates.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

I’ve been trying to crowd out the obvious by making use of this gift of time. It’s not always easy, in fact it’s not easy most of the time. Maybe it shouldn’t be, it makes me grateful for where I am and the people I share it with. Not everyone is so fortunate.

International Women’s Day

I love birch trees because they so proudly sport their scars. Every mark on their white skin is a reminder of lost branches and harm inflicted. The more scars the more majestic and beautiful they appear to us.

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