Studio Soundtrack

Music has always been my drug of choice. Songs are my uppers and my downers. Music energises me and calms me. It got me through a difficult childhood, and although I no longer obsessively read every single liner note (showing my age), it still has a major impact on my life.

Music lyrics have always crept into my paintings’ titles, but now with this new series they are sometimes part of the work itself, like this guy above:

“We like dancing and we look divine”
           – David Bowie, Rebel Rebel

The soundtrack of my childhood. Bowie at his glam era best. Memories of sitting in my big sister’s bedroom listening to music. For me this is as good as a family photo.

I have a huge love of British indie music, especially from the 80s and 90s, but it doesn’t seem to work for me while I’m painting. I love really intricate, well produced music, (think Nigel Godrich, George Martin and Martin Hannett), it completely absorbs me, but it takes up too much of my concentration while I’m trying to create. It’s better suited to distracting me from the horrendous mountain of admin that always needs to be waded through.

So what do I listen to in the studio while I’m painting?

There’s always Disco Friday. Every week. Obligatory.

The rest of the week I tend to go for something a little softer. At the moment I’m going through a bit of a Spinners phase, with plenty of Doris Day and Etta James on the side.


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